Aspects of sibling relationships go unnoticed

Practically every morning my sister, Rachel and I fight. We fight about clothes, electronics and other stupid stuff that just gets on our nerves. I used to think that that was just what siblings did. As we got older, my mom started to tell us that we are going to be best friends when we are older and honestly, I cannot wait for that day.

As frustrating and annoying as my sister is, I cannot help but admire her stubbornness and dedication towards the things that she is involved in. Now I would never admit this to her face, but I really look up to her. Although I am the older sibling, I can learn a lot from her.

It is hard to be the older sibling because you are constantly being watched by your younger sibling even when you don’t think that you are. They watch what you do, say and how you act and then try and imitate what you do. This has been evident in the things that Rachel wears and how she acts. She went out and bought the same exact pair of shoes that I did two days after I came home with them. Even though I really hated that she bought the same shoes as me, I bit my tongue and did not make a big deal about it because “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.”

Younger siblings are tough to deal with. They can be clingy and difficult to mentally handle. These sibling relationships can be tense, especially when the siblings are in their teens. However, they generally improve when they get older. Generally. That does not mean always. Sometimes sibling relationships do not improve at all but as older siblings, we can help improve these relationships along the way.

Although your younger sibling may not be your favorite person to spend time with, quality time is very valuable. Even if it is driving them to Target to get who knows what with their friends, you are showing them that you care. Going out of your way to interact with them does not go unnoticed either. I will ask what my sister thinks about certain outfits or other things to just talk to her a little bit during the morning. Although most of the time that will backfire on me and Rachel and I will wind up fighting, I still try because it’s important to show her that I care.

Rachel and I are two very different people. Although the relationship that we have now is strained and at times, rocky, I am hopeful that it is going to improve. As frustrated as I can get with her, I will never stop caring for her and if she needs me, I will always be there for her. When we fight, there have been glimmers of a better relationship that I hold onto and hope will become our relationship in the future.

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