2020 election results come in

On Nov. 3, millions of Americans headed to the polls to vote in the presidential election along with local elections. As of Nov. 6, the Associated Press (AP) has called 264 electoral votes for former Vice President Joe Biden to incumbent President Donald Trump’s 214 electoral votes. 270 electoral votes are needed to win.

Joe Biden has currently flipped the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona. As of Nov. 6, the AP has not called the races in Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Biden only needs to win one of these states to win the presidency according to the AP, while Trump has to win every single one. Biden is on track to win the election as he leads in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

The clerk recorder of Ventura County released the results for local elections. Lauren Gill is the apparent winner of the CVUSD Area 5 school board election, winning 7,728 votes or 53.06 percent of the total vote share. Gill defeats incumbent school board member Sandee Everett, who won 6,837 votes, garnering 46.94 percent of the total vote share. In the CVUSD Area 1 school board election, Karen Sylvester took 9,225 votes or 68.89 percent of the vote share, beating Patti Jones who won 4,165 votes or 31.11 percent of the vote share.

In the Thousand Oaks City Council race, Joel R. Price and Al Adam are the two apparent winners. Incumbent congresswoman Julia Brownley, incumbent state sen. Henry Stern and incumbent state assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin, all Democrats, fended off their Republican challengers and were re-elected. County wide results show that Biden carried Ventura County with 60.32 percent of the vote to Trump’s 37.78 percent.