“Demon Slayer” season 2 slays the anime universe

With anime rising in popularity in Western countries in recent years, it’s no surprise that second seasons are incredibly popular. “Demon Slayer”, a popular anime series,  began releasing its second season on Dec. 5, 2021. 

“Demon Slayer” takes place in a fantastical universe where demons, man-eating monsters, roam the Earth causing chaos. Normal civilians have either never seen them or are unable to defend themselves against them. Demon slayers, just as they sound, are the protectors against these monsters. They train with samurai swords and learn breathing techniques in order to slay the demons. What originally drew me to the show was the incredibly smooth animation and I was hooked immediately after the first episode.

The story follows young Tanjiro Kamado after he finds his family killed by a demon, except for his little sister Nezuko, who miraculously remembers Tanjiro despite having been turned into a demon. The first season documents Tanjiro’s journey into becoming a demon slayer in an effort to find a cure for Nezuko. Meeting his two friends, Zenitsu and Inosuke, the first season is filled with action scene after scene, as the three of them fight and kill demons. The end of season one introduces the Hashira, twelve of the strongest demon slayers, and their importance is carried into both the movie and the next season.

“Demon Slayer: Mugen Train” is the accompanying movie and the next plot in the show’s sequence. The movie is about a demon that takes over a train, leading Tanjiro and his friends to meet Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, the man assigned to the mission. The movie ultimately ends with Tanjiro’s new mission, the plot for season two.

Season two of “Demon Slayer,” the newest and most detailed release from this series, follows Tanjiro and another hashira, Tengen Uzai and his three wives, Makio, Suma and Hinatsuro. The first part of this season follows Uzai’s mission to track down his wives after a demon made itself known at the location they were in. The season hasn’t finished, so the major portion of the show hasn’t been released.

As an artist, I can appreciate Demon Slayer’s incredible animation. Animation is truly a talent to create, especially when it’s based off a manga series, a type of Japanese comic book. Each frame is filled with detail and emotion that is breathtaking. Being able to appreciate the detail that is in each scene makes the show all the more entertaining. I’m definitely going to continue watching the second season and I recommend it to all people who like action and anime.