Flynn flops

From #NeverTrumpers to #ImWithHers, jabs at the Trump campaign over comments and possible ties with the Russian government were incessant. Recently, some concerns about Russia’s involvement with the American government were realized. This began when Michael Flynn, former National Security advisor, resigned from the Trump administration on Feb. 13.

His resignation followed a request to step down by President Trump. In his letter, he cited his action in misleading the then vice president elect Mike Pence in his previous calls with a Russian ambassador in December. The claims made against Flynn are that he led the Russian government to believe that the sanctions imposed by President Obama before his departure of office would be revoked. These sanctions were set in motion because of Russian interference in our election process. Trump knew weeks before about Flynn’s misstatements, while Pence did not.

There is still a veneer of uncertainty veiled over the developing story. Questions are now being raised about Paul Manafort, a former campaign manager for Trump, and his connection to Russia when he was involved early on in the campaign. Even still, the cyber attacks on the Democratic National Committee during the campaign seasons by Russia could be linked to the Trump campaign.

The most prevalent question that remains is: how far will the investigation go? The FBI, an agency of the DOJ, has already interviewed Flynn about his Russian calls. Yet, it is still unknown if the federal investigation will continue or if Congress will ever take up an investigation of the Trump administration’s ties with Russia.