Just be Faster than Your Friends: Zombie run comes to school

“You can run, you can walk, you can crawl. As long as you make it through.”

These are the words of Emily Goldstein, junior and head of the committee in charge of coordinating the annual Zombie Run put on by the drama club.

Zombie Run is a course set up around the school that mixes a haunted house style atmosphere with a obstacle course. Students dressed up as zombies are set up at places around the course to attempt to scare the participants.

“The entire way you are trying not to get infected by zombies,” said Kylie Kelleher, drama club president. “At the end of the course you get scanned by a blacklight and they tell you whether or not you’ve caught the zombie outbreak.”

According to Max Oliver, sophomore and makeup artist for the Zombie Run, the zombies will have a powder on their hands so that when they touch a participant, the “virus” will show up under the blacklight upon returning to the PAC. The course for this year is school themed.

“What’s scarier than school?” Kelleher said.

The Zombie Run is one of the major fundraisers for the drama department. According to Kelleher, most of the funds for Zombie Run come from donations from stores such as Party City and Spirit of Halloween.

“Last year we had Zombie Run on the actual day of Halloween so the attendance was very low,” Goldstein said, “This is a big fundraiser for us because we don’t spend a lot of money and we gain a lot of attendance, but the fundraiser was very weak last year. Plus it was raining so no one wanted to come.”

In order to improve the fundraising potential this year, the course was rain proofed and the date of the event was moved one week prior to Halloween. The drama club is also spending more time on advertising. “We are…advertising a lot more using the new Panther TV set up,” said Goldstein.

In order to prepare for the event, the actors and artists leave class early to get ready. “Everyone gets there at noon and we all set up the maze which goes around different parts of school, said Oliver,  “We basically get the zombies ready and the security guards set up around (the school).”

This year, Zombie Run will occur on Oct. 24 from 7 to 9. Admittance into the event is 5 dollars.