Masks rock the runway

Surgical Masks

Gear up! These masks are very effective in keeping the coronavirus under control, and they go with everything! Perfect for that professional look. The only downside is that they are temporary because they are not washable, so it is best to save these masks for the surgeons themselves, who are having a shortage. Either way, surgical masks are effective and perfect for a polished look!

Cloth Masks

Grab a thimble! Cloth masks are very popular, and some people are even making their own. Fabric masks can be very effective – but they must be made in a certain way. Simple one-piece-of-fabric kind of masks just are not keeping out that gnarly COVID. Masks with two or more layers of fabric are effective, and adding on a filter in between makes them even stronger. Take that coronavirus! Another plus is that the fabric can be anything from surgical-blue to pink polka-dot. Get ready for some outfit coordination!


Want to hide your COVID beard? Neck gaiters are a perfect solution – just not to the coronavirus. Recent studies have shown that gaiters are actually more dangerous than wearing no mask at all. Why? It’s because the fleece, polyester, and spandex they are made of don’t block out all of our nasal spray. Our microscopic spit bubbles and boogers aren’t stopped by the gaiters; the droplets actually just get smaller when they escape the mask, which makes them even more dangerous! My advice is to avoid neck gaiters. Embrace that scraggly beard! It has taken you all of quarantine to grow.