Music Corner

September kicked off with Declan McKenna’s sophomore effort “Zeros.” The record is a steep step up from McKenna’s first album, pulling everywhere from Franz Ferdinand to Kate Bush to MGMT. While these influences are clear as day, there is a certain unique magic that McKenna holds, and that magic has been fully incorporated and seeped into this record. Standout opening track “You Better Believe!!!” is a powerhouse, mending McKenna’s strong vocals with fast and effective guitars. Similarly, the closing song “Eventually, Darling” is passionate in all the right ways. A fitting and deeply heartbreaking lyric, McKenna sings, “Love is but a fleeting friend.” The British artist has inarguably found his sound, and “Zeros” is well worth the listen.

Wallows upped the ante with “Nobody Gets Me (Like You),” an upbeat track paired with an equally upbeat and fun music video that was released on Sept. 9. The band has been gaining much-deserved traction recently, adding to their highly dedicated fan base, and they have millions upon millions of streams on Spotify to show for it.

September is looking to be a great month in music, and only time will tell which other artists add to their discography this month.