Max Clark captures life abroad in Africa

NPHS has never been short of student talent. From academics to sports to the arts, the high school has seen amazing achievements being made by its students across the board. In the world of photography, Max Clark, senior, has showed off some of his own talent in digital and darkroom photography.

Clark first took interest in photography in sixth grade under the influence of his grandfather, who is an artist. “I just started taking photos and I fell in love with it,” Clark said.

Over the past three years, Clark has completely immersed himself photography, travelling all over the world to get better at his craft. “I’ve gone to Africa, I’ve gone to the Serengeti and taken pictures there, I’ve been to Peru and taken pictures and Machu Picchu and all around it’s really cool.”

While in Africa, Clark drove around the safari in the Serengeti in a Land Rover Defender taking pictures of the wildlife just feet away.

“It was scary but exhilarating because of how close these animals will get you. At one point we were in between a den of lions and their lunch- the zebra. It was a really weird feeling, didn’t know whether to be scared or excited,” Clark said.

Clark has also taken classes such as Photography 1/2 and AP Photography along with his friends under teacher Eric Lindroth to refine his skills and learn more about his craft.

“Max has got a lot of attention for his work, especially his photography on the safari in Africa. He made some really compelling images there,” Lindroth said. “Max likes to work around a lot of different range: he does darkroom, digital and he’s always got a really positive attitude and outlook about everything. With his photography, it’s the same thing. He’s really into it and really excited about being a photographer.”

Braeden Rice, senior and fellow photographer, developed an interest in photography at the same time and has seen Clark’s photography develop through the years.

“Max is extremely talented due to his unique style and even more unique subjects. Max’s photos that he took in Africa easily belong in National Geographic. They’re so incredibly beautiful and raw. It takes a special kind of photographer to be able to capture that sense of emotion and display it to the world,” Clark said.

As an aspiring photojournalist for National Geographic, Clark has submitted his photos to the Westlake Village Art Guild, as well as the Newbury Park art show where he won best picture.

“He definitely has a future in photography if he wants it because he has the enthusiasm which is the most important. This is true with everything, but especially photography because it’s very competitive to be a photographer and he’s got the discipline that contributes, so it goes a long distance for him,” Lindroth said.

Clark feels that photography can be open to everyone, as long as they put in the effort. “If you think you like photography, you should go out and do it. It’s an amazing experience,” Clark said. “Just practice. Just taking photos and watching videos on how to use a camera and what to do. Going out to practice helps a lot.”

Max Clark