Meet the humans of Newbury Park

Take a look at some of these Panthers and find out what they have to offer as a student at NPHS:

Q: How has your time at NP impacted you?

A: A lot of the classes here are really teaching you how to move through life. You have all these extra classes you can take that really teach you a lot of skills that you would not have developed otherwise. What I will remember most from this year is the people I’ve met, and I’ve done a lot of different things throughout high school.

Kaely McCurdy, senior

Q: So far, what have you learned from your time at NP?

A: This year I have learned a lot, particularly in math and English, and I am very excited to learn new things. I feel like what I have learned so far has given me a good foundation for what’s coming next.

Lily Cohen, sophomore

Q: What have you gained during your time here?

A: During my time this year, I’ve gained further knowledge of what I want to do in the future through the classes I’ve taken, and I’ve discovered what I enjoy. I would say that what I will remember the most is eating lunch with my friends, and my biotech class, because we always have fun in there.

Kelly Brecker, senior

Q:What are some takeaways that you have from this year?

A: This year, I learned better ways to study, and I feel like these experiences I have now will teach me how I should act and how that affects my life. This year, I’ll mostly remember my basketball season.

Kareem Nassar, junior

Q: How have your experiences prepared you for the future?

A: This year, I have definitely gained a lot of wisdom and knowledge of how to conduct myself in a social environment. The part of NP that I will remember the most is the weird discussions that I had with my friends.

Giovanni Albarez, senior