Music Corner

Lana Del Rey’s most recent album, “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd,” released on March 24 has proved to be among the many masterpieces that the artist has produced. Many Del Rey fans believe this is one of her most significant albums due to the abundance of vulnerability and personal connection displayed in each track of the album. The artist took a completely different approach to this album, providing a distinct story for each track and taking her sound to a completely new and experimental depth. “Ocean Blvd” cannot be pinned down to a single genre and seems to incorporate elements of folk, trap, synth-pop, indie, gospel, hip-hop, choral and ballad.

Del Rey is applauded for tossing aside a notion of perfection, expressed through her most unfiltered project and longest album. The production gives off a loose impression and leaves listeners understanding that the album is for herself. This idea of imperfection is sprawled throughout the album, but one of the known indicators is the moment when the artist’s voice breaks, opening the track with pure, raw emotion. Del Rey’s mindset is embraced through the purposeful imperfections that help explain some of “Ocean Blvd’s” excesses and experiments, which causes fans to love the album even more.