Music Corner

On Jan. 7, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, more famously known as “The Weeknd,” just dropped his fifth studio album, titled “Dawn FM.” The new album has a lot to live up to, as The Weeknd’s last album, “After Hours,” was one of 2020’s best selling albums, selling 444,000 album-equivalent units. The new album consists of 16 songs and is a little under an hour. Jim Carrey, famous actor/comedian narrates the album, acting as a radio announcer that brings the listener to another world. Each of the songs have an 80s feel to them, allowing the album to flow nicely. The Weeknd paints a story over the course of the album, singing about a married woman he slowly falls in love with. This love does not end well, and on the final song “Less Than Zero,” The Weeknd expresses his melancholy to all his listeners. The album is very strong as a whole, and also has a lot of standout singles such as “Out of Time,” “Is there Someone Else,” and “How Do I Make You Love Me.” Famous rappers Tyler the Creator and Lil Wayne also have features on the album, and their songs make the album even more musically pleasing. “Dawn FM” may not outsell it’s predecessor, but the sonic sounds and the amazing features make the album extremely enjoyable, making it a classic for the ages.