Senioritis bites the dust

High School seems to be all about deadlines, but certain students at NPHS have decided to push the most important deadline just a few month before its due – graduation. Graduating early can help students that wish to pursue goals outside of high school or those that have a desire to take a break between their university and high school careers.

While students who graduate early are able to start their adult lives sooner, they miss out on staples of the high school experience such as prom, the June graduation ceremony, and the senior picnic. On January 22nd, these students will finish high school after the first semester of their senior year and will have the opportunity to pursue other interests or goals.  

Claire Monro, senior, has decided to graduate early in order to prepare for college and spend time with her family before moving away. “I’m looking forward to leaving high school and starting my life. I want to start saving up and preparing for college life.”  

While graduating high school early was not initially part of her plan, she was able to do so because she had doubled up in certain subjects her freshman year and continued her studies from there.

Robert Geoffrion, a senior on the football team, has also decided to graduate from NPHS early. While he has decided to start university in spring he says that he will visit NPHS before the year is over. “I definitely plan on coming back for prom, Walk for Hope, and graduation to see my friends,” Geoffrion said.  

According to counselor Rik Napora, the process of graduating early is relatively simple if the student plans for it. “All you have to do is talk to your counselor and make sure that you have the required credits. Graduating early may not be the best choice for competitive universities but if a student wants to pursue work opportunities, join college earlier, or join the military it may be the correct choice.”