Student VS. Teacher

1. What animal did St. Patrick drive out of Ireland according to Irish folklore?

McCormick: Sheep

Pensivy: Pigs

A: Snakes


Ssseems like they need to brush up on their old Ireland knowledge.

2. What 90’s artist released the song “Gettin’ Jiggy With It”?

McCormick: Actually no idea 🙂

Pensivy: Ice Cube

A: Will Smith


These answers are like a slap in the face.

3. What is Kelvin used to measure?

McCormick: I hate chem

Pensivy: Liquid

A: Temperature


They’re getting colder.

4. Two tools are featured on the former soviet union’s flag. What are they?

McCormick: Hammer and Sharp Crop thing

Pensivy: Hammer and Axe

A: Hammer and sickle



5. What is the title of the “Friends” theme song?

McCormick: I’ll Be There For You

Pensivy: Friends Theme Song

A: I’ll Be There For You


No one told Pensivy life was gonna be this way.

6. For what movie did Brendan Fraser win his first Oscar?

McCormick: The Whale

Pensivy: N/A

A: The Whale


McCormick is definitely an advocate for the Brenaissance.

7. Hemophobia is the fear of what?

McCormick: No idea

Pensivy: Blood

A: Blood


Pensivy must have type A+.

8. What country is home to the world’s largest movie studio?

McCormick: China

Pensivy: India

A: India


McCormick can say Mumbai-bai to the right answer.

9. Which president was assassinated by failed politician Charles J. Guiteau?

McCormick: Lincoln (I know it’s wrong.)

Pensivy: N/A

A: James Garfield


They shot themselves in the foot with this one.

10. What Oscar-nominated film features an animated shark voiced by Jack Black?

McCormick: Shark Tale

Pensivy: Finding Nemo

A: Shark Tale


Pensivy is fin-ished.

McCormick Wins!