Student VS. Teacher

1. Who hosted the first Soccer World Cup?

Castillo: England

Kick: Brazil

A: Uruguay


These answers deserve to be on the bench.

2. How many wings does a flea have?

Castillo: 2

Kick: 4

A: none


Their sense of confidence might be flea-ting

3. What gas makes up approximately 74 percent of the Sun’s mass?

Castillo: Hydrogen

Kick: Hydrogen

A: Hydrogen


Looks like they aren’t full of hot air.

4. How much wider is a doubles tennis court than a singles tennis court?

Castillo: 8 feet

Kick: 6 feet

A: 9 feet


They both missed the ball on this one.

5. Who played Han Solo in the Star Wars film series?

Castillo: Harrison Ford

Kick: Harrison Ford

A: Harrison Ford


The force is strong with these two.

6. An “omniscient” person has unlimited what?

Castillo: Intelligence

Kick: Knowing

A: Knowledge


At least they know this one.

7. What does NASA stand for?

Castillo: National Administration

Kick: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

A: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


Kick’s score is blasting off

8. What is the most common letter in Scrabble?

Castillo: E

Kick: S

A: E


Castillo just kicked the competition!

9. What does MRI stand for?

Castillo: No idea

Kick: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A: Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Castillo isn’t resonating with the question.

10. What is the world’s largest island?

Castillo: Is Antarctica an Island?

Kick: Greenland

A: Greenland


Castillo just made a continental mistake

Kick Wins!