T.O skating Rink runs its course and comes to an end

Thousand Oaks’ ice skating rink is no longer being used for the yearly holiday season. The skating rink became a holiday tradition, but closed once the pandemic began in 2020. A recent announcement stated the rink will remain permanently closed. This is because of an agreement made last year with the city to acquire the land and build a six- story apartment building behind the shopping mall.

The only original tenant that exists at The Lakes is the California Pizza Kitchen; the rest of the buildings are vacant including P.F Chang’s closure after being opened in 2005 and closing after 17 years, closing on Aug. 28 2022.

The skating rink was losing money every year and when the property was purchased by Rick Caruso in 2021 the plans for the lake did not include a continuation of the skating rink. The property was purchased by Caruso in 2021 for $2 million along with $11 million to $13 million in community benefit payments, one time payments toward the community and residents.

With the closure of the Oxnard Channel Island Ice center in 2016, and with the seasonal ice skating at the lakes now closed, your closest ice skating adventures can be had at the Iceoplex in Simi Valley.