CVUSD denotes declining enrollments

In 2006, the district had 20,400 students, and ever since, CVUSD enrollment has been decreasing. This year, CVUSD experienced a two percent drop in enrollment. The declining enrollment is predicted to continue, including approximately a one hundred students lost in registration for the next two years.

Jeanne Valentine, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, oversees this matter. Valentine notices trends that may be the cause of declining enrollments. “Declining enrollment seems consistent with state and local county trends. The causes may be attributed to a lack of affordable housing for young families, declining birth rates, and/or migration of families moving out of California,” Valentine said. Valentine reflects on some special programs that CVUSD has to offer. “The District has been focusing on offering unique and diverse academic choices for students and their families. Not only does the District offer a Homeschool Program, and an online-hybrid school but also…TK-5 magnet schools,” Valentine said. To attract students who seek a technical pathway, the district provides such opportunities. “The District [is] committed to increasing Career Pathway courses providing students the opportunity to acquire technical skills and training in various fields of study,” Valentine said. “[Additionally,] CVUSD provides opportunities and additional support programs for English Language Learners, at-risk students, homeless, foster and students with alternative learning styles.” Adding such programs plan to increase interest to prevent declining enrollments.