Take a stab at fencing

When thinking of high school sports, one’s mind often doesn’t go to fencing. In fact, most students are not aware of the fencing club at NPHS that meets every Wednesday. Fencers gather in F-3 to receive lessons from other more experienced members, as well as participate in bouts.

A casual Wednesday fencing meeting requires more work outside of the one day a week. Alex Majr, sophomore and vice president of the fencing club, who is a member of the robotics club on campus as well, uses the equipment available to prepare for an afternoon of bouts. “I get our swords in shape, which I enjoy doing as well. I make sure our gear is set up and everything is ready,” Majr said.

Nikita Madala, junior and president of the fencing club, would like students to join the club, as long as they are up for a challenge. “A member should be willing to learn sport as well as come in every week. Because missing even one day can be very hard,” Mandala said. Many overlook fencing as a sport and fail to realize its intensity. “You have to be able to push yourself out of your comfort zone, which is kind of hard,” Mandala said.

Jai Bluesky, sophomore, originally gave up on the possibility of fencing due to its difficult accessibility but soon realized that wasn’t the case. “[Fencing] isn’t any more crazy formal than any other sports,” Bluesky said. Bluesky recommended those similar to him to give the club a try. “If you think it looks cool and if it seems like something that’s up your alley, then please [join], we want more people to fence,” Bluesky said.

Majr has been fencing since he was 10-years-old and enjoys attending weekly meetings. “At the very beginning we come into Mr. Calaba’s room and we suit up, put on all of our gear and then we go out into the hallway in between the D and C buildings. Then we just fence until about 3:25 which is about when we come back and pack up,” Majr said.