Theater steps into Cinderella’s slippers

The NPHS student production “Cinderella” premieres tonight at 7:00 p.m.  In preparation for this event, the actors, producers, technicians and singers are working every day to perfect the show. The Prowler was fortunate to see what daily rehearsals are like.

Rehearsals happen every day after school for about three hours, starting two months ago. They  begin with vocal and dance warm-ups to get the performers’ blood flowing and bring up the energy.  Hailey Couture, senior, has taken on the role of Little Bo Peep; she believes that her fourth year, this year, has been the best because of the people she’s surrounded by. “It’s taken up most of my time but it’s honestly so worth it,” said Couture.  

As the event draws closer, some actors are becoming a bit worried about the work that must still be done. “It’s been pretty stressful (because) a lot of things don’t seem like they are ready and so it’s like you don’t see everything come together until it finally does,” said Couture.

Kenny Kremer, senior, is playing one of the main roles, Prince Charming.  “(Getting the role) was pretty exciting; I’ve been building this up ever since freshman year. I’ve been getting some pretty good roles, but now that I’m getting this big role I really get to show what I can really do with my talent” said Kremer. 

There has also been some challenges of the production itself. “There’s a lot of dancing and music involved in this so it’s not your everyday (performance). It’s not regular dialogue out of nowhere there’s a random song,” said Kremer.

One of the light technicians, Emilio Carreon, sophomore, explains  that managing the behind-the-scenes requires a lot of time too. Tech-week, which happened this past week,  is where the technicians of the production work at the school from 2:15 p.m. to around 10:00 p.m. 

“(Most don’t realize) the amount of time that we put in for lighting and making sure that where people will be standing is correct and every little thing every little adjustment. For me, being a spotter, I sort of have some free creativity but most of the time it’s all on a sheet of paper that I need to follow,” said Carreon

With Cinderella coming to public audiences tonight, the actors, technicians and all the theater staff are ready to shine on the stage.