Trump’s fraud claims are damaging to democracy

Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the election. Most sensible people looked at the electoral college and realized that a Biden victory is inevitable. However, certain people, most prominently current Pres. Donald Trump, continue to undermine the integrity of the democratic process by claiming voter fraud conspiracies without merit.

The United States is predicated on the idea of upholding the democratic expression of people’s voice. This is primarily done through electoral representation. These claims of voter fraud are a direct harm to America’s credibility as one of the world’s leading powers. 

Trump and his administration, in spreading his falsehoods and unfounded conspiracies, are continuing his egotistical and narcissistic habit of refusing to take accountability. The damage Trump is causing is evident in the fact that a shocking number of people seem to believe that Biden won illegitimately. Polls suggest that a decisive majority of Trump supporters do not believe that the election held was legitimate. Even though Biden will be the president come January, it is a scary thought to have a significant portion of the population refuse to ever accept the legitimate results of an election.

Spanning back to the first transition of power from an incumbent president to their opponent, with John Adams losing to Thomas Jefferson, the United States has prided itself in its ability to change leaders peacefully and smoothly. Only recently has Biden been able to receive critical national security briefings, and yet Trump still wallows in self pity and still shows no signs of conceding defeat.

Trump has put himself and his interests above the needs of the people. He is jeopardizing the lives and livelihoods of all Americans amidst the largest pandemic in a century while eroding the fundamental principles that this country was built upon. Trump’s degradation of the credibility of our democratic process is merely another self-serving scheme developed by the narcissist in chief.


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