Who is Mr. Novak?

Lance Novak, new long term substitute for English teacher Sandra Rayl, arrived at Newbury Park High School in mid-September. He spoke with Rayl to prepare curriculum for his ninth and tenth grade English classes.

“She wants me to teach my way, and then when she comes back she’ll kind of take over,” Novak said. “I’m using her wisdom and what she wants me to do, but then also kind of getting some of my own ideas in there too – to give a balance to it.”

Before teaching, he sang and played guitar for an 80’s metal band during his Massachusetts high school years and held various jobs as a bartender and salesman. He began his teaching career as a high school and college instructor in New Hampshire and Montana before arriving in California.

While Novak is only here temporarily, he wants to make the most of his time here by getting involved and connecting with his students.

“I really like working in a regular classroom. That’s why I came back here, that’s why I accepted it. I like the kind of hustle-bustle, the group work and getting to know the kids,” Novak said. “(Also), you have great sports teams and all the kinds of stuff I didn’t have at my school, so now I can get involved in extracurricular activities.”