Best Dance Crew brings excitement

On Oct. 19, students from various groups on campus competed in the second annual NPHS Best Dance Crew. Ranging from football to theater, the groups practiced in the weeks leading up to the event, mastering choreography prepared by the dance team. In a packed gym, 15 groups performed in front of three judges who scored and determined the top five teams. From there, the audience members sent a text with their vote for the best team. In the end, football earned the top prize, with boys’ baseball and Panther Pit finishing second and third respectively.

Surprise– Darin Erickson, science teacher, rocks a lab coat and wig as he dances with other NPHS staff members in the opening faculty dance. Erickson made a surprise entrance mid-way into the performance and was an audience favorite. Because of their energetic performance, faculty advanced to the final five. Jessica Zhou/Prowler
Solid– Vincent, musical artist, gives a score of nine to the previous performance. He was one of the judges for the night and played an important role in the competition. The judges, all successful in their respective fields, offered a professional insight into the school event. Jessica Zhou/Prowler
Free fall– Carson Carey, junior, is launched into the air by his team members in a segment of the lacrosse dance. The performance featured intense choreography and many stunts, making it a favorite among the judges and audience. Jessica Zhou/Prowler
Ascend– Matthew Smith, senior, climbs on top of a structure formed by students in the Panther Pit performance. The team consisted of those who lead the student section at sports games and their performance featured a variety of stunts that were popular with the crowd. Panther Pit advanced to the final five and finished third in the competition. Jessica Zhou/Prowler