Food Review

In a colorless world devoid of meaning, the only thing that brings me bliss is the immediate jolt of liveliness given to me by coffee. If I didn’t have coffee in my life, I probably would’ve flunked way more classes than I already have. Some people say that you shouldn’t have coffee past noon, but I don’t listen to the haters; I am a proud coffee day-drinker. I have been a Starbucks purist for the longest time. However, on my mission to become a coffee connoisseur, I decided to expand my palate by visiting Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters.

Ragamuffin is a shanty little coffee shop located in the Trader Joe’s parking lot off of Reino Rd. Upon entering, nearly every table was occupied with people chatting, and others typing. There was even a pile of Panther Prowler newspapers on one of the tables for people to read, which I appreciated. When it came to ordering, the menu was vast with plenty of artsy pastries and breakfast items. Their beverage arsenal is less extensive than Starbucks, however, there seems to be higher quality in every drink

I ordered my go-to coffee, black cold brew and after my first sip I knew I was hooked. The coffee was very smooth, and its taste was incredibly raw, which I enjoyed. The smell of the cold brew smelled oddly similar to that of an aged red wine, rather than dirty coffee beans. The best part of this coffee is that it didn’t give me heartburn, which normally happens every time I have coffee. I didn’t have to take Tums to cure any pain.

Ragamuffin offers a more traditional take on a coffee shop than a typical Starbucks, with all of its well crafted pricey yet artsy beverages. It definitely makes a great addition to your coffee rotation, especially due to its close location to NPHS, where its mere proximity allows you to get your caffeine fix right before a test.