Newbury Park seniors explore unique paths after high school

The phrase senior year can often be associated with not only words such as graduation and senioritis, but it also marks the end of one journey and the start of another: college. For many, senior year is the year that students decide what career they will possibly pursue in the future. While many plan to pursue more well known career paths in the science, math and history majors, others plan to explore things “outside the box” and apply their passions into the workforce. Out of the 627 graduating panthers at NPHS this year, 45 of them will be entering paths aside from traditional college.


Exploring a form of art: piercing

Through personal experience with piercings, Alex Carter, senior, has had a strong passion for a unique form of art, piercing, and plans to do an apprenticeship in that field. “I have always really liked expressing myself with jewelry, and the fact that I can have it on my face and that it can be permanently there, really inspired me to put it on other people and do more of myself,” Carter said.
Carter feels optimistic about their future career, discussing not only the logistical elements to achieving their dream but also the benefits of the job. “I would like my job more than most people, and I’ll be able to pierce myself professionally,” Carter said. “I need to work hard and study the best I can, be able to handle people [and] be careful with health and safety.”
Despite challenges that they may have faced, the sight of becoming a piercer still remains clear, and Carter hopes to share their advice to others. “If you have a goal, put your mind to it, and just work hard and get it” Carter said.





Attending Trade School

An apprenticeship is one option for students to take, however, trade school also allows students to receive specific training in the field they hope to follow. Derik Galbawy, senior, plans to pursue his interests in car mechanics by attending trade school and then entering the workforce.
A continuing curiosity and delight in hands-on activities compelled him to go to trade school and f

ollow a career in a car shop. “I’ve always found school very boring and I liked working with my hands,” Galbawy said. “Ever since I was a little kid I liked playing Legos and creating things, so I decided this might be a better way to go.” As for the future, Galbawy plans to learn more as he progresses and work towards achieving specific goals he has in mind. “I am learning as much as I can so that I can eventually work and maybe start a shop on my own,” Galbawy said.

Serving a mission in Mexico

Although a majority of NPHS graduates plan to continue an academic path in the United States, Owen Greding will be serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints in Puebla, Mexico before heading to college in hopes of becoming a chiropractor.
Through the inspiration of those around him, Greding has developed a long time passion for serving a mission, and was called to go to Puebla, Mexico, a decision that was made by his church. “You submit mission papers to introduce yourself, and then they read it and they do what they feel or what God feels is best,” Greding said.
Since Greding will be doing his mission in Mexico, he will learn Spanish and apply it to the real world. He also hopes to gain some important life experiences. “I will have to live with a companion down there, and you’ll be able to learn how to cope with people even if you don’t really like them,’’ he said.
As for the culture, Greding looks forward to the new and unique food that Mexico will have to offer. “I’ve heard the food there is really good, and I’m excited to try to makepeople happy,” Greding said.