“No Justice No Peace”



“No Justice No Peace” by Rachel Goldstein, junior.

The pieces I created reflect the mislabelling and association of the peaceful protests occurring in support of Black Lives Matter with riots and lootings. I found this theme to be pervasive in every form of media, and with members of my own family. I heard people defend their choice to not support the movement in its fight for racial justice by reducing the value of black life so much so, that to them, it was comparable with the looting of a Target. Attending protests, myself, only solidified how wrong these people were, and I knew I wanted to be able to contribute in any way possible. That is where these pieces come in. During my initial design, I kept in mind that I wanted to be able to counter the egregious mislabelling I mentioned previously, as well as instill a sense of unity and togetherness by combining a protest sign with a bouquet of flowers. I am selling these designs on the Redbubble page linked in my bio in order to raise money for the Equal Justice Initiative to support their fight against racial inequality and mass incarceration.