“Tears for America”

“Tears for America” by an anonymous student.

When writing this poem, I tried to depict the struggles of the country through its history and present, while also incorporating an air of hope – which is also something I strongly believe in – as I have hope that our generation can work towards fixing the systemic and societal problems we face today. I wrote this after attending a Black Lives Matter protest, which inspired me and truly displayed the amount of power our voices can have if we stand together and united.

Tears for America

I cry,
Cry for America.

For the “Land of the Free”
That can’t even protect its own people When the only acceptable knee
Is on someone else’s neck.

For the “American Dream”
That’s supposed to be peaches and cream
Not the harsh reality
Where it is something only the privileged can achieve.

For the “Home of the Brave”
Which has been built on indigenous peoples’ graves, On the backs of slaves,

It really makes you question,
“Who really were the brave in this situation?”

I cry,
Cry for the human beings locked in cages,
Those with lower wages,
On the basis of color, gender, sexuality –
It really feels like we’re back in the dark ages.

I cry,
Cry for America.

For the little children in school,
Practicing active shooter drills,
For fear that one day they might be killed, And their murderer won’t be brought to justice, But rather deemed “mentally ill.”

For people being called “terrorists” for practicing peaceful religion, By doing this,
All we’re doing is burning bridges,

I cry for the people being called a “virus” for the way they look, Do you even know what it’s like to be so misunderstood?

But right now,
I cry for the little black girls and the little black boys Who fear for their future,
For the people protesting for basic human rights,
To be called “thugs” and “looters.”

For the so-called protectors of our country, To be inflicting violence on their own people On the basis of skin color,
So now for justice we are hungry.

Which is why I also hope for America. Hope that we can make a change,
For the more people we engage,
We will continue to fight,

For everybody’s rights.

I have hope
We will rise like the waves,
We will come out from our bubbles, our small enclaves, Come together and hold hands,
Regardless of age, sexuality, religion, or race,
For it is us who will take a stand.

I have hope that
In the face of injustice,
We will not be ignorant,
And though maybe not in bliss, We will be doing what is right.

I have hope, Hope for America.

– Agent Change