The Panther Pit gets fired up


LETS GO PANTHERS- The panthers go wild as they cheer at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Pit Leader Aiden Jimenez, senior, said his favorite part of the game was “probably filling up the whole student section and just going crazy the whole game.” The Panther Pit was full of energy on the first home football game of the season.Very early in the game, the pit was overflowing with students wild with energy to defeat NPHS’s rival, Thousand Oaks High School. Candace Crownover/Pawprint


Roar- Ashley Mangawang, Emily Peirson, Sydney Barth, Peyton Tovey, Olivia Coronado, Abbey Scott, (all seniors) and many more panthers get fired up it the pit to cheer on NP in the close match against TO. Reese Kelem/Prowler.




Lights Out!-The Panther Pit students shine their lights to cheer on their team as the night grows late. The pit leaders encouraged students to “WEAR BLACK CUZ IT’S GONNA BE A FUNERAL” (via instagram). The students herded from the tailgate to the stands which stayed full all the way until the end of the game.Reese Kelem/Prowler