Marching band marches on

In formation – Drumline advances onto the field for their pre-football game performance. In addition to tournaments, the marching band is always practicing for these Friday night performances. “It’s just like any other competitive team sport,” Emilie Hooker, senior and assistant drum major, said. “We work together to put out the best show possible.” These performances occur with the marching band season, which runs from shortly before school begins in August all the way through late November.
Tuba Time– Kasra Memarzia, senior, and Max Lagerquist, sophomore, practice marching with their tubas on the grass field behind the NPHS football stadium. “A normal day of practice consists of moving the band to the practice field, stretching, then we go over small chunks of the show in repetition.” Leo McDonough, assistant drum major, said. Marching band can be seen out of the field three days during the week, including an extended practice from 2 to 9 p.m. every Friday. Every practice is used as an opportunity to find something to improve upon, through the guidance of their peers and director.
Practice makes perfect– James McDonough, senior, practices his trumpet on the field in order to make sure that he is prepared for the band’s next performance.
Dazzling– The Marching Band performs at Sounds of Conejo along with other high school programs from across the district. At the end of the event all 10 marching bands came together to play “America the Beautiful.” “Ever since I started in band and marching band, I just tried to work hard, try to be a good example, try not to mess around. Take band seriously. Just show a great deal of maturity, and care for other people,” Steven Choi, senior and drum major, said. Marching band is in the midst of competition season, where they have tournaments every weekend.