A slice of life on the ice

Lander Etcheverry and Miranda Kolb, both juniors, are NPHS students who are also ice skaters. Both skate at the Iceoplex in Simi Valley, and they have been working hard on their routines and practices, each participating in unique events.

Leap- Etcheverry jumps in the air during one of his routines. Etcheverry has been skating since November 2016, and believes he has come farther than he thought he would, considering how late he started. “ I have landed all of my single jumps and am working diligently on my doubles at the moment,” Etcheverry said. “I have also passed my first round of pre-preliminary Moves in the Field and Freeskate tests. This summer, I competed at the National Showcase in Wenatchee, Washington.“
Down Low- Etcheverry practices a routine for “The Lion King On Ice,” an ice skating production taking place at 7:00 PM on Dec. 20, and 12:00 PM and 4:30 PM at Iceoplex in Simi Valley. “I skate both technical solos, like what you would see at the Olympics, and showcase solos, which incorporate costumes and acting. I also skate on Pacific Edge Production Team, a group of about 20 skaters who compete large-scale showcase programs. We just concluded our 2018-2019 season of CATS the Musical and placed 2nd at Nationals,” Etcheverry said. Tickets for the show are available at www.tcypc.tix.com.

Round-and-round- Holding one leg in the air, Kolb spins around in a circle. Kolb has had her fair share of challenges throughout her ice skating career. “I’m consistantly injured in figure skating, so that’s been a struggle,” Kolb said. “I’ve had to take a lot of time off the ice. It’s always hard to come back after that, but it’s worth it.”