ASG shows off student talent

It was a night of song, dance, rap, comedy and more, but Selena Gomez and Drake were not the performers; students were the stars of the night.

On Feb. 23, the annual Talent Show featured a variety of student performers and drew in a full house. According to Nicole Katz, senior and organizer, the event was a huge success.

“I think all in all everybody came together and did a really great job on putting this all together and of course our performers were spectacular as always,” Katz said. “We have a lot of great talent here and that clearly showed in the event.”

Katz has been involved in the Talent Show for all four years of high school: freshman year she was a performer and the three years after that she was part of the planning committee. This year, not only did she help organize the event, but she was also an MC.

“It was by far my favorite thing that I did in ASG, and I actually ended up meeting someone (at the Talent Show) who still, to this day, is one of my very best friends,” Katz said.

Many of the performers felt the same way. Brendon Gong, sophomore, played the piano and sang. While he said he was nervous before going on stage, Gong called the experience “exciting,” saying he enjoyed watching the other performers as well.

“It was just an overall great and exciting experience. It’s nice to meet other artists who’ve worked so hard on their trade,” Gong said.

Usually a classical pianist, Gong had to adjust to playing a pop song, but said the audience was very engaged. Gong wants to perform again at the Talent Show in the future claiming that even though he “messed up a few times… every performance is a chance to improve for the next.”

Lucas Nelson, senior, rapped an original song titled “Watch Out”, and like Gong, was nervous before the event. Ultimately, Nelson also enjoyed the experience, calling it “insane,” and noted the enthusiasm of the audience.

“It is like a new high. I was a little scared of course, but then I walked out and heard everyone screaming and it was my stage: I am doing what I want, it’s mine,” Nelson said. “It was awesome.”

Specifically, Nelson joined the Talent Show cast to gain a larger fanbase, and for the chance to perform at the spring rally on Friday, March 9. At the end of the show, in addition to the judges picking the first, second and third places, the audience voted via the internet on who they wanted to win “Crowd Choice,” for the rally, and Nelson was chosen.

“That’s a lot of kids and I want a lot of people to know who I am and I want to excel in this music industry,” Nelson said.

Jade Hatzinger, freshman, sung and won first place and a check for $100, second place went to Matthew Weymer, senior and yo-yoist, and third place went to the acapella group with Jillian Cotone, Alisha Patel, Bella Scott and Brenda Herron, seniors.  

For anyone thinking of performing next year in the event, Gong has one message for them: “just do it.”

“Don’t be stressed about anything,” Gong said. “The crowd is there to support you and all you have to do is give it your best shot.”